At Tigers Day Nurseries we try to make the transition from home to nursery as stress-free as possible for our parents and children alike. We offer a home visit before starting at nursery which gives us the opportunity to get to know you and your child, to answer any questions you may have and for your little one to meet their key worker in familiar surroundings.

Trial sessions are arranged with the parent at a mutually convenient time. Both child and parent spend initial periods of time within the setting during a normal session. Child and parent trial sessions are used as an opportunity for parents to ask questions, for the child to settle into the environment and for the staff to get to know the child.

Trial sessions with for the child alone are organised when the child is ready. Child-only trial sessions will include mealtimes, sleep times, outdoor play etc. over a period of time.

The child will join the nursery when they have spent an equivalent booked day with us e.g. if the child’s booked sessions are mornings, then when a full morning has been completed, if the child’s booked sessions are full day bookings, then when they have completed a full day.