Halloween is often an exciting time of year for children. They get to dress up as their favourite superhero or villain and take to the streets in the quest for as many sweets as they can find.

While older kids usually throw themselves into the festivities, Halloween can be a little scary for toddlers. Below we share some super fun but not-too-spooky Halloween activities for young children.


Choosing a costume

There certainly isn’t a shortage of children’s Halloween costumes out there. Allowing your toddler to get involved in the decision-making process ensures they’re choosing an outfit they feel comfortable in.

Many supermarkets stock costumes for toddlers so you can pick something up at the same time as doing your weekly shop. If you’re worried about your youngster being scared of some of the masks and outfits, have a look online. Places such as Party Delights have children’s Halloween costumes which range from scary skeletons to cute little pumpkins. You can view their range by following the link: https://www.partydelights.co.uk/toddler-halloween-costumes/


Craft making 

What better way to get your child excited about Halloween than with some homemade crafts? Here at Tigers Day Nurseries some of our favourite ideas for Halloween crafts for little ones include: 

- Pumpkin decorating. If your child is too young for carving, they can still decorate their pumpkin with paint, stickers, confetti and glitter.

- Haunted house. Use an old cardboard box to create your very own haunted house. As well as decorating the outside, you can help your little one make ghosts, monsters, bats and spiders to go on the inside.

- Halloween pins. Get some clay, shape with Halloween-themed cookie cutters and once baked, paint and decorate. Why not stick them on backpacks or clothes so your toddler can celebrate all month.

- Halloween finger puppets which can then be used to create a show afterwards.

- Get an old pillowcase and plenty of arts and crafts materials and let your child decorate the bag they’re going to take trick or treating with them. As well as being a fun way to get your little one excited about Halloween, it’s also environmentally friendly.

You can find some more ideas for Halloween crafts for kids in the Good Housekeeping Magazine: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/halloween-ideas/g22062770/halloween-crafts-for-kids/


Throw a party

A party is a great way to encourage your toddler to embrace the festivities. If you’re stuck for children’s Halloween party ideas, here are a few simple suggestions:

- Toilet paper mummies – get some cheap toilet roll and kids can wrap it around each other so they can pretend they’re mummies

- Face painting to match their costume

- Pin the tail on the witch’s cat or pin the bowtie on the skeleton

- Treat bag decorating

- Pumpkin decorating

- Cookie decorating

- Witches hat ring toss

- Pumpkin mini golf (try to get the ball in the pumpkin’s mouth)

- Halloween scavenger hunt

- Skeleton puzzle – put the skeleton back into one piece


Halloween Outings

If you’re looking for some great ways to keep your children entertained throughout October, some other Halloween activities include:

- Pumpkin picking

- Brick or treat at Legoland Windsor (17th October – 2nd November 2019)

- Check out local farms. Many of them run family Halloween activities including haunted houses, face painting, pumpkin hunts, lantern making and more

- Paultons Park is running a family-friendly Halloween event from the 22nd until 31st October


Whatever you decide to do for your Halloween celebrations, we hope you have a great and not-too-spooky time.