As the temperature begins to drop and outdoor activities are no longer an option, it becomes increasingly difficult to entertain toddlers.

Fortunately, here at Tigers Day Nurseries, we have plenty of experience when it comes to finding indoor autumn activities for babies and toddlers. Below we share some of our favourites.


Outdoor fun

The good thing about this time of year is that with the leaves changing colour, it certainly is beautiful outside. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to incorporate some active autumn activities into your daily routine.

Why not head out on a nature walk and collect some leaves as you go? Encourage your child to find as many different colours as possible and then when you get home you can use them for arts and crafts.

You can also rake up all the leaves in your garden together and then have hours of fun afterwards jumping into the big piles you’ve collected.

With Halloween just around the corner, another great option is to go pumpkin picking. Not only does this get everyone outside, decorating your pumpkin can provide hours of fun if you’re looking for ideas for autumn crafts for kids.


Autumn painting activities

With it starting to get a bit cooler outside, this is the perfect time to get creative. If you’ve already been out to collect leaves or pumpkins, you can paint them and place them somewhere your child’s creations will take pride of place.

You can also gather some autumn paint colours such as red, orange, yellow, brown and green and let your child paint some new pictures.

If you’re looking for some more autumn crafts for kids, you can find a list of great ideas visit the Activity Village website -



What better way to embrace the changing of the seasons than with some poetry which celebrates it?

Reading poems to and with your child is a great way to spend some quality time together as well as help practice their reading skills. Some of our favourite autumn poems for kids include:

- Leaves by Elsie Brady

- Four Seasons by Cecil Frances Alexander

- Gathering Leaves by Robert Frost

- November Morning by Evaleen Stein

You can also encourage children to write their very own poetry with an autumn theme such as Halloween or Thanksgiving. They can then recite their poems to you afterwards or even turn it into a play with their friends.



When it’s dark and rainy outside, good food always manages to cheer everyone up. This is a great time to encourage children to try new foods and you can help them embrace this by devising a kids’ autumn menu.

Let your child learn about the new foods before they try it so they can get excited about it. They’re far more likely to experiment if they know what to expect than if you just put something new in front of them.

Some popular autumn foods and dishes include:

- Pumpkin

- Butternut squash

- Sweet potato

- Soup

- Chestnuts

- Root vegetables

- Risotto

- Hotpot

- Pie

- Casserole


The BBC Good Food Guide has a comprehensive list of seasonal foods, perfect if you’re planning some autumnal baking! -