Meet the Team


Owner and founder of Tigers Day Nurseries and Tigers Training Centre


Operations Manager, Tigers Day Nurseries and Training Centre


Senior Nursery Manager, Tigers Day Nursery


Deputy Manager for Tigers Day Nursery


Manager of Tigers at Swindon Day Nursery


Nursery Manager, Tigers Theale Day Nursery


Marketing Manager, Tigers Day Nurseries and Training Centre


Quality Manager


Training Centre Manager

Alison Huntley

Owner and founder of Tigers Day Nurseies and Tigers Training Centre.

Right from the beginning Tigers has delivered outstanding care in a happy, friendly and loving environment, always working in partnership with parents, keeping them informed and involved.

As our business has expanded, our exceptional standards have always remained and we are justifiably proud of our dedicated, knowledgeable and caring staff. All members of our management team share our passion for quality childcare and together we provide the leadership, training, resources and environment for our nursery staff to excel at what they do and to keep Tigers at the forefront of nursery care. Many of our team have been with Tigers for several years, giving continuity and a unique family atmosphere to our nurseries.

Tigers’ ethos is and always has been to provide the best possible experience for each and every child in a safe, stimulating environment supported by loving, friendly staff – something we hold dear to our hearts.

Jane Tubb

Operations Manager, Tigers Day Nurseries and Training Centre

Hello, I’m Jane Tubb, Operations Manager at Tigers Day Nurseries and Training Centre and I am delighted to say that I have been with Tigers since the very beginning, starting out as Nursery Manager.

My role has changed and evolved over the years as the business has developed and I am now privileged to be an integral part of the management team with special responsibility for developing the expertise and knowledge of our staff and planning for the future, always with an eye on maintaining the highest standards in all we do.

There is something very rewarding about seeing your team develop not just professionally, but personally – growing in confidence and taking on responsibility. I love the fact that the whole team takes a pride in what they do, delivering nothing less than the highest quality childcare. I also love it that they enjoy their work, just as I have always done, and that every single member of staff comes in with a can-do attitude each day, ready to give their all to the children in their care.

We have always set the highest standards at Tigers, leading the way not waiting to follow. The result is something of which we can all be very proud.

Nicola Barkhouse

Senior Nursery Manager, Tigers Day Nursery

Hi, I’m Nicola Barkhouse, Senior Nursery Manager of Tigers Day Nursery, the largest setting in our group, which is set in a beautiful rural location on the outskirts of Thatcham. I came to Tigers as a placement during my initial childcare training, joined the company and have never looked back!

At Tigers we provide the children in our care with all they need to develop and learn while keeping them safe. We make sure our parents are informed and involved. I really enjoy getting to know the children and building relationships with their families, many of which endure long after the children leave Tigers for school.

I am proud of the level of care we provide to each individual child, understanding their needs and making sure that whatever resources are required are not just in place but used effectively. Some of our children have special needs or medical issues that require specialist support or training. At Tigers we respond without hesitation and do whatever it takes to enable each child to reach their full potential and to be part of the fun we have each day.

I take great pleasure in seeing my team developing new skills and gaining new qualifications. Within the Tigers family there is a real drive to deliver the very best childcare, always within the happy, warm and friendly atmosphere that our children and parents love.

Tracy Hobbs

Deputy Manager at Tigers Day Nursery

I started at Tigers in 2001 as a trainee and have had the great opportunity to learn and thrive within the company and progress over the years to become a deputy manager.

It is a great pleasure to be part of the Tigers family helping staff thrive and this shows in the outstanding care and experiences we give to the children and their families.

As a Tigers team we all believe in giving the best opportunities and care to the children so they development in a friendly and happy atmosphere.

Emily Kersey

Manager at Tigers at Swindon Day Nursery

Hi, my name is Emily Kersey and I am the Manager of Tigers newest nursery, Tigers at Swindon Day Nursery. I am so delighted to be joining such an established, professional but family friendly team at such an exciting time and being able to be involved right from the beginning. I have two young sons of my own so I am keen to meet families new to the nursery and support them to settle into our fantastic new facilities.

I qualified as a Nursery Nurse in 2000 and have also completed a Diploma in Child Psychology. I have previously managed two nursery settings, one for a large nationwide company and another for a smaller company with 6 settings. I have also has experience of being an Area Manager, supporting various staff teams and my most recent role was of a Quality Assurance Manager for a company which involved ensuring standards were maintained throughout all the company's nurseries, so I have a wealth of various experience which I am excited to be bringing to the Tigers family.

I am particularly interested in child development and supporting children of all ages with teaching and learning. I enjoy passing my skills onto less experienced staff and am really looking forward to building a new and dynamic team to establish Tigers at Swindon Day Nursery as the best there is.

I would be very happy to show you around our lovely nursery at any time.

Vicky Attard

Nursery Manager, Theale Day Nursery

Hello my name is Vicky Attard and I’m the manager if Tigers at Theale Day Nursery, the most recent nursery to join the Tigers family. I’m so excited to become a part of Tigers using their wealth of experience and knowledge to enhance and extend our already established nursery.

I qualified as a nursery nurse in 1998 and completed my NVQ level 4 in 2009. I moved to Reading from Manchester to be with my husband in 2003 when I joined the setting as a nursery nurse, during which I enjoyed caring for the children of all ages in all rooms.

I am passionate about creating a welcoming environment for the children and families within our care, from the first day they join us to the day they leave us to go to school. Working together with parents is key to ensuring each individual child’s needs are met, and I find it so rewarding watching the children grow and develop in an environment I have helped to create.

It would be a pleasure showing you our homely, friendly nursery where you can come and spend some time meeting the children and the staff.

Joshua Blunt

Marketing Manager, Tigers Day Nurseries and Training Centre

Hi, I’m Joshua Blunt. My role as Marketing Manager is to develop new opportunities for our business and to spread the word about Tigers’ great day nurseries and our unique training centre.

The standards set throughout the Tigers Group are exceptional and we are rightly proud of the high standing our nursery settings and training centre have within the childcare profession right across the area. Many local nurseries send their childcare staff to be trained with us – what stronger endorsement could there be for the quality of our training?

I find my job extremely rewarding as I believe our business achieves the highest levels of professionalism and quality while maintaining strong family values – a real recipe for success and something we can shout about.

I enjoy exploring new ideas for the nurseries, talking them through with parents and children and implementing changes that ensure we always stay at the forefront of nursery care. Tigers is a business that doesn’t stand still, which makes it exciting.

Lisa Clyde

Quality Manager

Hello, my name is Lisa Clyde and I am the Quality Manager for Tigers Day Nurseries. My role is a very diverse one and I have a lots of different aspects to take care of but the over riding principle is maintaining the very highest quality in everything we do at Tigers Day Nurseries. I complete regular moderation observations on every room, covering all aspects of care including staff performance, environment, resources, activities, safeguarding and health and safety. I am also responsible for the Safeguarding Officer and Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator roles, Health and Safety and Curriculum planning at Tigers Day Nursery, our largest setting. I have been with the company for many years and have an established background in childcare. I love the opportunities I have been given at Tigers and really enjoy working with such a great team of people with a singular aim of the highest quality care for our children and families.

Julie Matkin

Training Centre Manager

Hi, I’m Julie Matkin and I run the Training Centre at Tigers and have done since it opened in 2011. I was invited to join the team after working previously with Tigers and have always been impressed with the focus on quality in terms of care and training for new and existing staff. I am immensely proud of the standards we achieve which is recognised through our funding provider West Berkshire Training Consortium and CACHE, our Awarding body. We are responsible for training staff from lots of local settings which I feel is an endorsement of the quality of the teaching and qualifications we complete at all levels. We are constantly striving to offer different levels and variations of qualifications to ensure we meet the demand for the highest quality childcare in the area.