Kids are hard to entertain at the best of times, let alone when it’s pouring with rain outside. For those days when you need to relieve their boredom and keep your sanity, below are some of the best indoor activities for kids on a rainy day.


Visit an attraction

While the beach and Thorpe Park may be out the question, there are plenty of other weather-friendly attractions you can visit. Some great ideas include an aquarium, a family-friendly museum ( a trip to the theatre, a castle, Madame Tussauds, a studio tour (such as Warner Bros in London) or there are plenty of National Trust properties in the UK which have year-round indoor events suitable for the whole family.



On a rainy days, you can’t go wrong with a trip to the bowling alley. Most venues have child-friendly features, making it the perfect activity for all ages. What’s more, many bowling centre’s offer additional activities such as a games arcade, so you may be able to fill an entire day if necessary.


Virtual reality

One of the best rainy day activities has to be going to a virtual reality centre. Transporting you to a completely different world, there are plenty of exciting adventures to be had irrespective of the terrible weather outside.

There are many different types of virtual reality experiences the whole family can enjoy, including exploring the depths of the ocean, learning about the solar system, fixing a robot and even becoming friends with a mechanical puppy.


Escape rooms 

Not all escape rooms are suitable for children but more and more venues are starting to cater towards a younger audience. As well as encouraging participants to engage in a bit of team work, escape rooms are fun and exciting – making them one of our top activities for a rainy day. has tested out some of the best escape and puzzle room options which are suitable for kids. Find out more by following this link:


Rainy day activities for toddlers

Trying to think of rainy day activities for toddlers can be a bit more challenging because they may not be old enough to appreciate some of the things you have in mind. Some great options for younger kids include:

- Visit a soft play centre

- Take them to an indoor swimming centre

- Going to an indoor trampoline park

- Find a children’s story centre (such as the Discover Children’s Story Centre in London)

- Do some arts and crafts at home

- Go to a dance class

- Engage in some messy play. This may sound like every parent’s worst nightmare but it’s actually very important for young children because it helps them to develop and learn. To find out more about messy play and for some great ideas, head to our blog.


If you’re still on the hunt for more ideas, other great places to go on a rainy day with kids include:-


- An indoor climbing centre

- Your local leisure centre may be hosting some activities (especially during the holidays)

- Indoor karting

- The cinema

- An indoor ski centre (they often have other activities including sledging, ice sliding, ski riding, ice skating, tubing and snowplay areas

- The theatre


Whatever you decide to do, we hope you enjoy your rainy day fun!