With plenty of cake going around, presents on offer, games to play and all their friends together in one room, it’s not surprising that toddlers get so excited about their annual birthday celebrations.

While it’s all fun and games for the little ones, there can be a lot of pressure on the parents. No doubt you have a million other things on your to do list so to help make life that little bit easier, we’ve put together a guide on how to throw the perfect party for toddlers.


Toddler party games

The best way to keep a room full of children entertained is with some fun games. Something we focus on a lot here at Tigers Day Nurseries is learning through play. At this early stage, play is how children learn so as well as being lots of fun, it’s also crucial to their physical, emotional and cognitive development.

If the weather’s nice on the day of your party and you have some outdoor space, you could incorporate some unique activities such as letting them plant their own flower pots or creating some messy play areas. This could be a sandbox, water feature, hand painting or papier-mâché. You could of course do this inside but you don’t have to worry about your walls and carpets getting dirty if you head outside.

Some other great toddler party games which will also help to burn off some energy include dancing to music and playing sports. Here are some more ideas you can try if you’re still looking for inspiration: https://www.sitters.co.uk/blog/best-party-games-for-kids.aspx


Toddler party music

A party just wouldn’t be the same without some tunes. The good news is that there certainly isn’t a shortage of toddler party music available. A quick search on Amazon or eBay brings up plenty of options including ‘Kidz Bop 2019,’ ‘My Favourite Mini Disco Songs’ and ‘Disney’s Sing Your Heart Out.’ If you don’t want to order online or head to the shop, you can also download music from Google Play, iTunes or Spotify.


Toddler birthday party food

After all that running around, you can guarantee everyone’s going to be hungry. Some great toddler birthday party food options include:

- Frozen food – not only is it cheaper than buying fresh food, it also keeps longer so you can start buying in advance as well as save anything that doesn’t get eaten

- Lots of nibbles is probably a better option than preparing one big dish in case you get any fussy eaters. Anything like sausage rolls, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pizza and burgers always goes down very well with kids

- You can also prepare some healthier crudités such as carrot sticks, cucumber, tomato and fruit. For more great healthy options head over to the Jamie Oliver website: https://www.jamieoliver.com/features/healthy-party-food-for-kids/

- Don’t forget to have some nibbles out (things like crisps and breadsticks) to keep everyone going until the food is ready


Toddler party bag fillers

Party bags always go down a treat but what do you put in them? Here are some great ideas for toddler party bag fillers:

- A slice of birthday cake (providing there’s any left!)

- Crayons and colouring books

- Bath toys

- Story books

- Toys

- Jigsaws


Good luck, and please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss any element of your child’s development.