With summer here, this is the perfect time for everyone to enjoy being in the great outdoors. As well as providing hours of fun, playing outside has plenty of benefits on the health and wellbeing of toddlers including:

- It’s a fun way to develop learning abilities

- It encourages creativity

- Children are more active when they’re outside which helps build strong bones and good fitness levels

- They’re exposed to vitamin D

- Releases energy which can help them stay calmer and more focused when back in the classroom


Here at Tigers Day Nurseries, we understand the importance of outdoor play which is why we actively encourage it. Building dens and mud kitchens to climbing, painting, sports or running, there’s plenty on offer to encourage outdoor play at our nurseries.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to keep your little one amused this summer, here’s some great ideas you may like to try.



If you have the space in your garden, investing in a toddler trampoline can provide hours of fun as well as many benefits to your child’s development. If you’ve ever been on a trampoline yourself, you’ll know that it requires quite a bit of physical exertion. When we’re doing this, we produce endorphins which will help your child to feel happier and more at ease. It’s also a fantastic way to get children away from the TV or iPad, the movement stimulates their senses and it can even have a positive effect on behaviour and impulse control. The Health Guidance website explains why: https://www.healthguidance.org/entry/9323/1/Trampolines-Are-Good-Therapy.html


Climbing frame

Most parks have a toddler climbing frame which doesn’t come as a big surprise when you learn of the many different benefits they offer.

- They encourage children to explore and use their imagination while taking safe risks

- They provide a great challenge

- They’re ideal for helping to develop fine motor skills such as grip

- Can boost confidence when your toddler works out how to use the equipment

- Develops physical strength

-Encourages problem-solving



A firm favourite in any playground is the toddler slide. As you’ve probably guessed by now, even this fun bit of equipment can provide a whole host of benefits to your toddler.

- It helps them develop special awareness because they need to judge when is the best time to go down and also to put their feet down once they get to the bottom

- When positioning and pushing themselves down the slide, they’re building valuable balance and coordination skills

- Have you ever noticed how no child can just go down a slide once? They tend to get so excited they end up climbing up the ladder and repeating the process again and again. This is actually quite physically challenging which means that your child is building up their strength and supporting the development of lean muscle

- Just like your toddler loves the slide, so do other children. This is when your child is likely to encounter others who want to have a go. This is a great way for youngsters to learn important social skills such as patience, sharing and taking turns


If you’re still looking for more ideas, visit Activity Village for more ideas: https://www.activityvillage.co.uk/outdoor-games