Parents will be all too familiar with the dramas associated with trying to get a young child to go to sleep. A set routine and a read of their favourite bedtime story can really help to get them settled but did you know that your nightly story time has far more benefits than simply helping your little one to nod off?

It helps to develop their vocabulary

Although we speak to our children every day, the vocabulary we use is often limited and repetitive. Reading exposes your child to an enormous range of different topics however which means they’re hearing words and phrases they might not otherwise come across in their everyday lives.

The more you read to your pre-schooler, the more knowledge they’ll absorb and this can really help to build a child’s vocabulary. Many studies do in fact show that reading to babies and toddlers helps to give them a head start in life and better prepares them for school.

It boosts brain power

Specific areas of the brain are affected when young children have reading exposure from an early age. Not only can this really help to aide a child’s language development, it can also give them that boost they need to support and promote their early reading skills.

Another great benefit of reading with children is how doing so can really help to grow their imagination. When engaged in a book, we naturally imagine who the characters are, what they’re like and what kind of setting they’re in. Reading on a regular basis can really help to encourage children to use their imagination and be creative.

If you’re looking for ideas, here are some of The Book Trust has a great list to get you started:

It improves concentration

We all know how difficult it can be to get a child to sit down for long. Even when it comes to reading, with pages constantly being turned before you’ve finished, books being swapped and distractions coming up all the time, you may feel your efforts are being wasted. Be rest assured however, this really isn’t the case.

By consistently reading to your child every day, eventually they will learn to concentrate and sit still for longer periods of time which is very important for when they eventually go to school.

It teaches them valuable life skills

There are so many informative books on topics such as animals, places and objects. While this helps to give children factual knowledge, there are also different books to help teach them about important life skills such as sharing and being kind.

When a child can put themselves into a story, it also helps them to develop empathy. They identify with characters and they feel what they’re feeling and this is what helps children begin to understand and relate to emotions. 

Creates a bond

Spending time bonding with your child is no doubt one of your top priorities and story time is a great way to do this. The two of you can cuddle up together reading and talking which can really help to bring parents closer to their children.

Penguin have a great information page on their website, offering some excellent hints and tips. To read more follow the link:

Here at Tigers Day Nurseries, children have a huge selection of books and writing materials available to them in order to support emergent writing and pre-reading skills. If you would like further information about this, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.