Tigers Day Nursery

Tigers is a happy, safe, fun-filled day nursery set in beautiful countryside close to the A4 at Thatcham in Berkshire.

Babies and children from three months to five years enjoy the quality care of highly trained staff and the exceptional facilities and resources both indoors and out that set Tigers above the rest.

At Tigers we strive to provide the very best environment for our children. Our staff are qualified childcare professionals who really care about the well-being and happiness of the children entrusted to them. They provide support, encouragement and guidance, helping children to learn through play, explore the world around them and above all, have fun.

Our high staff to child ratios enable our team to really get to know the children and to provide all the attention and support each individual needs to develop independence and confidence. A key worker is assigned to each child and it is their responsibility to monitor and record the child’s development and achievements, to identify any issues that may need special attention and to build a strong relationship with the parents, keeping them informed and involved in their child’s life at nursery.

The safety of the children in our care is paramount and Tigers has rigorous procedures in place to ensure each child is safe and secure. For detailed information see our Policies and Procedures section.

Visit Tigers Day Nursery and you will see that exceptionally high standards are evident everywhere you look - the huge wild garden with its mud kitchen, tents and spreading tree under which the children have picnics, drinks and stories; the planting area where the children can grow their own flowers and vegetables; the spacious outdoor play areas, all with safety surfaces and high quality equipment. Inside the children enjoy stimulating, well-equipped rooms, each with its own bathroom and hand-washing facilities, as well as the sensory Bubble Room and mirrored dance studio.

Tigers has a number of different areas equipped for different stages of development. We follow Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines, providing appropriate activities and support for each age group and recording each child’s progress in detail. For more information on this see our Early Years Foundation Stage section.

“Poppy has been at tigers just after her third birthday I cannot recommend tigers highly enough, Poppy is so much more confident and happy since being there has made so many friends and loves going, all the staff are amazing at their jobs and always look happy to be there which definitely reflects back at the children who are always happy and laughing whenever I pick Poppy up I have never had any worries leaving poppy there as she is so well looked after. Thanks Everyone at Tigers!!!”

Claire K, parent

The Little Cubs room is where we care for the very youngest children in our care, from the age of three months. We can accommodate up to nine babies with a ratio of one staff member to three babies. We provide a home-from-home feel, following each baby’s familiar routine. Each is considered an individual and their development is encouraged and supported at their own pace by the Little Cubs carers.

Little ones move on to one of our three Cheeky Monkeys toddler rooms when ready, not on a pre-set date. We have 12 children in the largest toddler room and nine in each of the other two, which can be opened up to allow sharing of resources and wider socialisation. Our ratio of staff to children is one to three at this age and this ratio is always maintained within each room area, never shared across rooms. Now mobile, our toddlers enjoy choosing their toys, playing individually or together and getting messy! Each day includes plenty of time out in the fresh air in Tigers’ great outdoor play areas and they love sessions in our sensory bubble room and dance studio too.

Between the ages of two and three the children move up to either the Happy Hippos or Chatty Parrots rooms, depending whether they attend nursery all year round or only during term time. Here the staff to child ratio is 1:4, which again we always maintain in each room space. We provide a structured and busy day that includes art and messy activities, construction, music, movement, lots of outdoor play and a sleep after lunch to recharge.

Our three to five year olds can be found in Laughing Lions, if they attend all year round, or Tall Giraffes if they are with us in term-time only. The children are preparing to go to big school and are encouraged to develop independence and to access toys and activities to support their ideas and learning. The children have a computer available at all times as well as books and writing materials to support emergent writing and pre-reading skills. For more detailed information see the Your Child’s Learning Journey section.

Tigers welcomes children with special educational needs or disabilities and provides appropriate care and support, including one-to-one care if needed.

Our children enjoy healthy, nutritious meals, freshly-prepared on-site by our chef. Mealtimes are sociable and fun, with lots of chatter around the tables. We encourage our children to try new foods but never force them to eat anything they don’t like. We cater for any special dietary requirements with care.

Our Take a look at Tigers video will show you around this outstanding setting.

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Day rate Morning Afternoon Full time – 5 days
TIGERS £68.00 £47.00 £47.00 £306.00
SWINDON £58.00 £41.00 £41.00 £268.00
THEALE £68.00 £52.00 £48.00 £309.00


Day rate Morning Afternoon Full time – 5 days
TIGERS £71.00 £54.50 £54.50 £317.50
SWINDON £63.00 £50.50 £50.50 £282.50
THEALE £70.00 £52.50 £48.50 £306.50


Day rate Morning Afternoon Full time – 5 days
TIGERS £64.00 £47.00 £45.00 £282.00
SWINDON £56.00 £41.00 £38.00 £243.00
THEALE £68.00 £52.00 £48.00 £309.00


Day rate Morning Afternoon Full time – 5 days
TIGERS £66.00 £48.50 £48.50 £308.50
SWINDON £58.00 £43.50 £41.00 £265.50
THEALE £70.00 £52.50 £48.50 £306.50

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Senior Nursery Manager, Tigers Day Nursery

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