Tigers at Swindon Day Nursery

Tigers at Swindon is a bright, happy day nursery in Westlea, Swindon, close to the M4 and minutes from the town centre. Babies and children from three months to five years enjoy high quality care delivered by dedicated professionals and hours of fun every day with the superb facilities and resources that make up our stimulating learning environment.

Tigers at Swindon is our new day nursery in Delta Park, West Swindon and we have drawn on our many years of experience in childcare to create an exceptional learning environment for little ones from three months to five years.

The nursery is an engaging, bright space for children to explore. Each age group has a dedicated room with stimulating toys and resources designed to help them learn through play, interact with others and above all, have fun. Messy play with sand, water, clay and paint, a wide range of craft activities, dressing up and role play, building, singing, stories, games and more - all part of the Tigers at Swindon experience. The nursery also has a dance studio/soft play room, a computer room and a sensory room, known as ‘The Bubble Room’ which is a great favourite with many.

Our newly-constructed outdoor play area is totally secure and fitted with a special safety surface. It is full of stimulating toys and resources, giving our children ample opportunity to play and socialise with their friends while enjoying exercise and fresh air. We make the most of our location too, with regular outings to local parks and to the Lydiard Country Park nearby. We also offer tennis lessons at the neighbouring Delta Tennis Centre.

Children’s safety is paramount at Tigers at Swindon. Our security measures and procedures are stringent with access to the nursery and each room or play area strictly controlled and monitored. Care is taken to remove any risks from the nursery environment and a host of safety features have been fitted throughout.

All our staff are highly trained professionals who are encouraged to continue learning and developing their skills. All undergo thorough, regular safeguarding checks and all are qualified first-aiders. Our high staff to child ratios enable our team to really get to know the children and to provide all the attention and support each individual needs. A key worker is assigned to each child and it is their responsibility to monitor and record the child’s development and achievements, to identify any issues that may need special attention and to build a strong relationship with the parents, keeping them informed and involved in their child’s life at nursery.

The Little Lions room is where you will find our babies from three months old. It’s a cheerful, welcoming space with plenty of stimulating toys to develop dexterity and reasoning, lots of loving, individual care and a quiet place to rest. We continue each baby’s home feeding routine to minimise disruption.

Our toddlers enjoy the Laughing Lemurs room - a safe, interactive environment for mobile, inquisitive toddlers where they can start to explore and understand the world around them, try out new things and gain confidence. They learn to share and play together and develop their communication skills.

Two to three year-olds can be found in Cheeky Chimps with new toys and experiences appropriate for their stage of development. They enjoy a balanced mix of child-led play where they choose what they want to do and more structured, adult-led activities including creative work and focussed periods when they learn to listen and concentrate. They gain confidence and start to develop their independence. We also handle toilet training here with no pressure and gentle encouragement.

Clever Crocodiles is the three to five year-olds’ room where we begin to prepare them for the move to school. We help them develop independence, self-care and self-confidence and build on their social and communication skills. We introduce them to phonics and working with numbers giving them a great start when they go to school.

Tigers at Swindon follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and each child’s progress and attainment is carefully monitored, recorded and shared with our parents. For more information see the Your Child’s Learning Journey section.

We provide a mid-morning snack, two-course lunch and high tea in the afternoon at Tigers at Swindon. All our meals are freshly-prepared using quality ingredients and we provide a varied and nutritionally balanced menu for healthy growth and development. Children are encouraged but never forced to try new things and do things for themselves. Fresh water is constantly available from water coolers situated throughout the nursery.

We welcome children with special needs or disabilities and have specialised staff on our team to provide appropriate care, including one-to-one care if needed. We ensure each child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential and is included in all the fun at Tigers at Swindon.

We insist on the highest standards of cleanliness throughout the nursery. Toys, equipment, furniture and floors are kept spotless, we have hand sanitisers at the entrance to every area and regular deep cleans. We also instil the importance of personal hygiene in our children from the beginning. Emergency procedures are documented and practised regularly and all our electrical equipment is tested regularly. For more information see our Policies and Procedures section.

We are proud to bring Tigers Day Nurseries’ high standards of childcare and Early Years education to Swindon.

Our latest news

The children and parents from our Swindon Nursery all came together to collect items for a Harvest Festival Basket and presented it to the elderly and staff. Thank you to everyone who contributed. 

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Tigers at Swindon celebrated their 1st Birthday yesterday and we all had a great time. We had lots of party food and birthday cake, thank you to all of the parents who come along and helped out it was a great afternoon.

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We would like to wish Tigers at Swindon Happy 1st Birthday for today, the children with be having a special birthday tea party this afternoon. If you would like to visit our nursery and meet our brilliant staff we are having an open day tomorrow Wednesday 8th from 10am - 4pm.

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Day rate Morning Afternoon Full time – 5 days
TIGERS £64.00 £44.00 £44.00 £288.00
SWINDON £55.00 £38.00 £38.00 £252.00
THEALE £64.00 £49.00 £45.00 £291.00


Day rate Morning Afternoon Full time – 5 days
TIGERS £69.00 £53.00 £53.00 £308.00
SWINDON £61.00 £49.00 £49.00 £274.00
THEALE £68.00 £51.00 £49.00 £297.00


Day rate Morning Afternoon Full time – 5 days
TIGERS £60.00 £44.00 £42.00 £265.00
SWINDON £53.00 £38.00 £36.00 £229.00
THEALE £64.00 £49.00 £45.00 £291.00


Day rate Morning Afternoon Full time – 5 days
TIGERS £64.00 £47.00 £47.00 £299.00
SWINDON £56.00 £42.00 £40.00 £257.00
THEALE £68.00 £51.00 £47.00 £297.00

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Manager at Tigers at Swindon Day Nursery

Tigers at Swindon Day Nursery

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