Your child's learning journey

Settling in

At Tigers Day Nurseries we want every family to enjoy the time they and their children spend with us. We recognise that starting at nursery can be an exciting but unsettling experience for both children and their parents and we do our best to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our loving, caring staff have the knowledge and experience to help every child and family to settle in comfortably and be part of the Tigers Day Nurseries family.

Before starting at nursery, trial sessions are arranged for the child and parent to spend time in the setting during a normal session. These allow the child to become familiar with new surroundings and the staff and parents to ask any questions they may have. Trial sessions also help the staff to get to know new children so that they can provide the best possible support to them.

Learning through play

Play is how children learn. When children play they are testing things out and exploring the world around them; they are expressing themselves, learning to communicate and developing social skills; they are developing their imagination, independence and creativity.

At Tigers Day Nurseries we encourage children to play at their own pace with things they are interested in, always supported by our highly trained staff. A wide variety of toys, activities and resources is available in each room, suitable for the age group and within easy reach of the children so that they can select what they want to play with and when.

We offer a balanced mixture of child-initiated play, where the child takes the lead and follows their own path, and more structured, adult-led activities such as story time, craft sessions and regular music, dance and drama sessions.

Sensory play is important and our children are given plenty of opportunity to get messy with sand, water, mud, paint and play dough. Our sensory Bubble Room is a favourite with the children especially the babies and toddlers and those with special needs.

All our children get plenty of fresh air and exercise, playing in our outdoor learning areas which are all fitted with safety surfaces or out in the countryside or the park.

At Tigers our children learn to understand boundaries, to share and to respect each other but also to gain self-esteem so they are well-equipped and confident when the time comes to leave nursery and start school.

Monitoring and recording development

Throughout their time at nursery, each child is allocated a key worker who is responsible for provision of care and monitoring of development. An initial entry profile is completed with new children and their parents and each child is allocated a new key worker when they move rooms.

Key workers are responsible for ensuring suitable activities are planned for each individual child to support and encourage all areas of their development. They will plan, carry out and also evaluate the activities to make sure the child has challenging and achievable targets to work towards.

Key workers record observations on a child’s development in various ways - snap shot observations, which are short recordings of something the child may have said or done, long observations which provide more detail of how the child reacts in situations or during activities and photographs recording activities and achievements. These all form part of the child’s development folder and shared with parents on a regular basis.

If a child leaves us to move to another setting or to school, we transfer the child summaries to their new location and give the rest of the folder to the child’s parents to keep. Parents and carers are always invited to add their own observations and experiences of their child’s achievements to these folders.

If a key worker identifies that a child needs additional support in any area, this is discussed with the child’s parents and the nursery manager and appropriate steps taken to provide the necessary support.

Healthy Eating

Healthy, nutritious meals are freshly-prepared and cooked daily for each of our nursery settings by qualified chefs.

We provide a mid-morning snack, a two-course lunch and high tea in the afternoon, all served in the children’s base rooms under the close supervision of our staff.

Some parents like to provide breakfast for their children to eat at nursery which we are happy to serve.

Special dietary requirements are catered for and care taken to protect those with allergies and intolerance from harm. In cases of extreme intolerance, parents are invited to provide food from home.

Mealtimes are happy and sociable, with plenty of lively chatter around the tables. Staff sit with the children, acting as role models and providing any assistance needed. Independence is promoted and the children help with clearing away afterwards.

For more details see our Food and food hygiene policy and to see our current menu, visit our Downloads section.

Communication with parents

At Tigers Day Nurseries we consider our parents to be our partners in their child’s care and development. We strive to keep parents involved with their child’s nursery experience, informed on a daily basis about what their child has been doing and aware of any concerns we have on any aspect of their child’s well-being.

Parents are welcomed into the nursery at any time. Their child’s key worker is always ready to update them on the day’s activities, meals and achievements and to show them work that their child has done.

Parents can request a meeting with their key worker or the nursery manager at their convenience, but regular parents’ evenings are scheduled twice a year to ensure they are kept informed.

We organise activities at our settings to which parents are invited so that they can join in the fun and experience their child’s nursery environment first hand. These sessions also give parents a chance to meet each other and make new friends.