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Green Apples

Healthy Eating


All our meals are freshly prepared each day. Each meal is carefully planned to provide a balanced meal and included a variety of rich textures and tastes.




Children are provided with a mid-morning snack, two course lunch and afternoon tea. Children have access to fresh fruit throughout the day.

Meal times are a happy and sociable time with plenty of lively chatter around the tables. Staff sit with the children acting as role models and providing assistance if needed. Independence is promoted and the children help with clearing away afterwards.



Allergy Management


At Tigers the safety and welfare of the children is our highest priority at all times. When a child joins Tigers we will discuss any dietary requirements with you.

We have very strict procedures in place to deal with and manage allergies. We will have regular reviews with parents of dietary information.

At Tigers we cater for the diverse needs of children, recognising that they come from many different backgrounds or that they may have specific dietary needs due to medical reasons. All the information will be details on your entry profile.

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