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Policies and Downloads

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are essential to help provide a good quality nursery that is compliant with the EYFS.


The EYFS requires nurseries to have written policies and procedures and to provide staff with training at induction to ensure that they fully understand and know how to implement the policies and procedures and to ensure that they are accessible and clearly explained to parents.

Below is an index of all the policies and procedure.  If you would like a copy of the policies and procedures please ask the nursery and you can have either a printed copy or a copy via email.

There are copies of the policies and procedures in each reception hallway, children’s rooms and staff room.

Our policies and procedures are reviewed at least annually and are updated as required due to new legislation or guidance issued.


The policies and procedures are informed by legislation from the Government, British Law, Department for Education and Ofsted, our regulatory body. 

Index - Policy number and name

  1. Admissions

  2. Settling In and Transitions for Children

  3. Key Person

  4. Learning and Development

  5. Inclusion and Special Needs

  6. Positive Behaviour

  7. Safeguarding Children

  8. Equal Opportunities

  9. Data Protection, Record Keeping and Confidentiality

  10. Compliments, Comments and Complaints

  11. Administration of Medication

  12. Partnership with Parent's

  13. Food and Hygiene

  14. Managing Sick Children

  15. First Aid and Reporting of Accidents

  16. Risk Assessment

  17. Children's Security

  18. Fire Prevention and Precaution

  19. Health and Safety

  20. Advertising and Marketing

  21. Anti-Allergy and Intolerance

  22. Staff

  23. Menopause and Perimenopause

  24. Seperated Parents

  25. Bereavement

  26. Animal Health and Safety

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