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Show Rounds


We are always proud and delighted to show prospective families around our settings. We are able to offer show rounds within our nursery days with our knowledgeable and friendly Managers and Deputies. They can discuss your child's needs, sessions, availability, waiting list, costs etc and you can spend time seeing the nursery in action and the facilities on offer.

We give prospective parents an opportunity to look at all areas of our nursery settings including our outside spaces, sensory areas and studios where our children take part in additional activities such as relaxation time, French, Forest School and dance. 

Each of our settings have areas specifically designed and equipped for the age and stage of the children's development so parents are able to see where the babies and toddlers have their sleep and nappy changes, where the two year olds learn to toilet train and begin to socialise with their peers, and where our Pre-school children prepare to take their steps into 'big' school in the term after their fourth birthday.


Registration and Booking


Tigers Day Nurseries seek to admit all children whose parents wish to use our service, in line with our Equality Opportunities policy.

We require a completed registration form, registration fee and deposit to book a place. (Families in receipt of ‘deprivation funding’ for 2 year olds are not required to pay a registration fee.)


Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis taking into consideration the sessions requested and availability of these, including ‘free at source’ funded hours. ​

We offer some funded-only sessions for 2 year olds identified by the Local Authority as being ‘in need’ and also for some 3 and 4 year olds in receipt of ‘free at source’ LEA funding.

If the sessions you require are not available you can be added to a waiting list for each setting. Parents are kept informed when sessions become available. 

The child’s trial sessions can then be arranged with the Room Senior at the chosen setting.

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Trial Sessions


At Tigers Day Nurseries we try to make the transition from home to nursery as stress-free as possible for our parents and children alike. We offer a home visit before starting at nursery which gives us the opportunity to get to know you and your child, to answer any questions you may have and for your little one to meet their key worker in familiar surroundings.

Trial sessions are arranged with the parent at a mutually convenient time. Both child and parent spend initial periods of time within the setting during a normal session. Child and parent trial sessions are used as an opportunity for parents to ask questions, for the child to settle into the environment and for the staff to get to know the child.

Trial sessions are a great support for reassuring children that you will always return to collect them. With our nursery Connect system we can always send pictures and videos to reassure you how they are settling. We pride ourselves on offering as many trial sessions it takes to make sure your child is settled and happy and you are to. Once you are completely happy an entry profile will be completed to make sure we have all the relevant information.

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At Tigers we use the Connect system which informs parents of their child's time at Tigers. As soon as you are registered with us you will be given access to the ParentZone App, so even the children's trial sessions before they officially start at nursery are recorded and sent onto parent so they can see how well their child is settling and the activities they are taking part in. Full instructions are given to parents to highlight the ease and security of the app.


Connect allows staff to securely publish photographs, observations and assessments of the children which parents can instantly access through the ParentZone app. This is a completely secure system that cannot be accessed without an invitation from the nursery and a private account being set up by the parent. Parents can also choose to add Grandparents etc to the system which is particularly useful for those who want to keep up to date with their grandchild's progress and see all the fun they have at nursery!

The staff in your child's room are able to publish details of today’s menu and how well your child has eaten, their sleep times and personal care routines so parents can feel totally involved in their child's care.

Staff track the children's learning and development through Connect, using photographs and text detailing what the children have been doing each week, and these are published to each parent’s account. Parents are also able to communicate with the nursery through the app, passing messages and also adding to their children's developmental record with photos and information about what they have been doing at home.

Once the children leave us the account is frozen, but parents are still able to access the existing photos, observations and records which can support the children's transition to school and can be shared with their teacher.

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