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Laughing Lions, Tall Giraffes & Owls

We have 3 rooms, Laughing Lions, Tall Giraffes and Owls for this age group.

With a wide variety of resources and activities available which encourages the children to learn and explore through their own interests.

We focus on promoting children’s independence and confidence with hygiene and self-care routines. The children’s literacy and phonics skills are encouraged throughout the daily routine for example, the children practice their phonics whilst participating in activities and their literacy skills are encouraged throughout the day when they go to their named trays or pegs which encourage letter and name recognition.


The children participate in dance, French, and Forest School classes throughout the week and they have access to a free flow garden and the wild gardens throughout the day where a variety of equipment and activities are provided such as going on a bug hunt and exploring in the mud kitchen making mud pies for their friends. To help encourage the children’s physical skills by exploring on the big tunnels, climbing equipment, and riding the on the scooters and bikes. All this fun is supporting the next step to school.

Tigers Day Nursery Play Outside
Tigers Day Nursery Outdoor Play
Tigers Day Nursery Messy Play
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