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Ofsted outstanding grade

We are delighted to announce that Ofsted have recently graded our Theale setting OUTSTANDING the highest possible rating that a nursery can achieve.

Vicky and the team have done an outstanding job and deserve all the praise for this achievement.

Our Operations Manager, Jane Tubb said "This is a great team effort and we are thrilled the staff have been given the recognition they deserve"

The inspector said "staff implement a highly ambitious curriculum with ingenuity and creativity. They provide a serene, yet academically challenging environment which cultivates incredibly capable and confident learners and where all children flourish"

She felt the "children’s behaviour was exceptional and they are able to understand and follow rules and are kind and considerate of one another. The staff act as excellent role models for positive behaviour and healthy relationships"

Please join us in congratulating Vicky and her wonderful team for this achievement.

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